Sportinnovator is a Dutch Governmental organisation that stimulates the development of sport innovations. The organisation focusses on materials, facilities and nutrition.

NCC conducted a feasibility study on a new “all-in” concept in sports nutrition, specifically designed for endurance capacity and recovery. The feasibility study shows that the concepts is feasible from a scientific, economic and societal perspective.

The basis of a diet of endurance sport athletes should be build on the Guidelines for a Healthy Diet. Combining proven nutrition interventions in a “all-in” daily diet concept, build on specifically designed foods that increases acceptability and compliance, may help to improve physical performance and recovery in endurance athletes.

Our feasibility study indicates that the concept can easily be expanded to other types of sports, recreational sports and other target groups that require relatively high physical efforts, like the elderly and militaries. The concepts needs to be build on a combination of specifically designed foods and IT-technology. The IT collects data on personal preferences, diet, physical exercise, and other physiological indicators. This results in advice with respect to nutrition, training and rest.