We work in a variety of nutrition domains

Due to the wide scope of disciplines and the long experience of most members in food industry, the team can cover the whole innovation process as applied in the modern food industry, from fundamental research till product or concept communication.

Moreover, the members have extensive work experience in nutritional knowledge areas, spanning almost the whole nutritional spectrum: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, micronutrients, fibres, alcohol. Specific other expertise areas include: bread and bakery, dairy, probiotics, international nutrition including infant and child, life cycle nutrition and immunology related nutrition.

Focus areas

nutrition in the life cyclelipid nutritionwhole grains and dietary fibercarbohydrate metabolismprotein metabolismfood consumptiondesign intervention trialsalcohol metabolismgut microbiotaprebiotics and probioticssystematic literature review and meta-analysis

Articles about our expertise

  • An approach to evaluate and improve the combination of nutritional and sustainability qualities of your food portfolio

    The Nutrition Consultants Cooperative and CE Delft want to help food companies to improve both the nutritional as well as the ecological aspects of their food portfolio. Analyzing both aspects together offers clear advantages to

  • Nudges on the unconscious for better nutrition

    Nudging uses the environment to change behavior and works through unconscious decisions of consumers. A recent meta-analysis has compared the effects of different nudges and show promising results.

  • Sports nutrition: individual customization

    Advice on sports nutrition is now firmly anchored in science. General guidelines on sports nutrition improve when the advice considers such things as the athlete's personal characteristics and training schedule, as well as the type of sport.

Nutrition and health

We work according to the principles that are reflected in nationally and internationally accepted guidelines.

A responsible dietary pattern plays a pivotal role in the health status of consumers. Due to worldwide economic (increased prosperity), social (demand for sustainable, healthy food) and cultural (large scale immigration) developments, the availability and the composition of food are rapidly changing, thus influencing dietary intake and consequently health. In line with our commitment for a healthier food supply the consultants of NCC have and will assist authorities, NGO’s and the food industry in achieving their objectives. This can be at the level of sustainable food production, food innovation, consumer preferences, dietary intake studies and  intervention projects.

Consumer understanding

We translate state-of-the-art science in effective communication messages.

For consumers health is a major issue but it is often not directly perceivable. Hence, in order to realize a change in consumers behaviour in that they buy products for better long term health, convincing and truthful communication is key. This will inform and influence consumers about healthy choices. Our experts have extensive, evidence based, experience in translating state of the art science into effective communication for consumers. Whether the communication is on claims, that must be well understood by the average consumer, or on more general nutrition information, we ensure that the communication is clear, truthful and legally acceptable.

Novel food ingredients

Whether it’s the development, approval procedure, or market preparation of novel food ingredients, we cover it.

Both concerns about and curiosity for potential new foods are as old as human mankind; in the EU this is reflected in the Novel Food legislation. For a to-be-introduced food, the first question is: is it novel, or is it not? Should a Consultation take place? An application itself – requires intelligent case-by-case consideration and interpretation of EFSA’s Guidance. National Authorities have their particularities, and finalisation with the EC needs to be well-understood.
Additionally, for the world outside the EU, NCC can guide you in finding your way towards legally introducing a novel food ingredient.

Health claims

Developing health claim dossiers, assistance in regulatory affairs or in communication, it is our core business.

Everything we eat and drink has effect our body. When such effect can be demonstrated, according to generally accepted scientific principles, and  it can be considered beneficial, most legislation around the world allows communicating or ‘claiming’ such effects. These may concern the reduction of disease risks or risk factors, improving or maintaining a certain bodily function, and on a product being e.g. a source of or rich in certain nutrients.

There are also differences across the world. NCC can perform any step in making health claims in the EU, and can guide you wordwide.

Medical foods

NCC can assist in successfully establishing options for your medical foods.

On food, the law prohibits medical claims, i.e. on preventing, treating, curing or managing disease. Apart from medicines, there is only one legal category that may designate a product for certain patients: Medical Foods or Foods with Special Medical Purposes. They are another rather difficult category, with specific criteria but no pre-market approval.

NCC can help you understand the options within this category, and with understanding whether a product and a certain communication would fit for a medical food rather than for a food with a health claim.

Sustainable and healthy foods

Also in 2050 the world population needs healthy diets; we support you in preparing for the future: feeding the increasing world population in a secure, healthy and sustainable way.

We support you in preparing for the future: feeding the increasing world population in a secure, healthy and sustainable way. Increasingly, sustainability is taken into account in health recommendations. A sustainable food chain is paramount to ensure healthy foods can be delivered to the population in the future. Fortunately, often sustainable and healthy go hand in hand. Both support key element of recommendations to eat more vegetable products and less animal. But of course the challenge is more complex and the devil is in the detail. The NCC has extensive experience in projects where health and sustainability are integrated to add value now and in the future.

Research and innovation

NCC is your partner to keep track of the newest developments in nutrition and health. Prevention of chronic diseases by lifestyle changes, specifically in nutrition, is becoming increasingly important. New trends include sports nutrition, convenience food for the elderly, food intake behaviour in prevention of obesity and chronic disease, new food sources and sustainability. All need the appropriate and innovative infrastructure, expertise combinations and research approach to stimulate development and progress in science and business. NCC is active in all these areas by initiating, developing and coaching research. NCC assists in project development, guides project conduct, consults in regulatory affairs and disseminates results through support, coaching and training.

Convenience foods

NCC has extensive knowledge and expertise in new product development and in marketing of innovative (fresh) food concepts for international retailers and caterers. Drivers in this development process are getting the right balance between fresh appearance and good taste on the one hand and sufficient shelf life on the other hand.

NCC has a good knowledge and understanding of minimal processing and natural conservation techniques to realise on the one hand an ultra-fresh appearance and on the other hand sufficient shelf life.

Also expertise in several packaging concepts suited for chilled convenience products. Finally NCC has a vast network within food manufacturing, retail, catering and in wholesale.

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