The Dutch Ministry of Health has chosen the Nutri-Score as the food choice front-of-pack label that food producers and supermarkets may use for their products in the Netherlands. Whether we like it or not, food companies must determine if and if so how they will use the Nutri-Score in their operations.

This is not an easy decision! The calculation method is complex and if a company decides to go with it, they must do so for all the products within the brand. Can the Nutri-Score really be a business tool for your company?

The NCC has developed an intelligent model, the Product Analysis Tool (PAT), to calculate the Nutri-Score for food products quickly and reliably. With this tool we can inventarise the Nutri-Scores of any food product in a portfolio. As a next step we can advise how to adapt or optimise the food composition to obtain a better score for each product.  The tool allows the NCC to calculate, compare and analyse whole portfolio’s very cost effectively. With this information you can decide what you want and can do with the Nutri-Score.

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Examples of output of the Product Analyses Tool.


Healthy sandwhich:


Salami sausage:


Vegetarian meatballs: