Team of senior consultants


he consultants in NCC are all independent consultants with combined years’ experience in the food industry, government or academic world. Together they span a wide array of disciplines all related to nutrition or food development, like scientific reviews, health claim applications (eg. EFSA), science brokering, design and monitoring of intervention studies, policy and strategy development, food innovation and application, food legislation, communication.

Experienced multi-disciplinary research team

Due to the wide scope of disciplines and the long experience of most members in food industry, the team can cover the whole innovation process as applied in the modern food industry, from fundamental research till product or concept communication.

Moreover, the members have extensive work experience in nutritional knowledge areas, spanning the whole nutritional spectrum: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, micronutrients, fibres, alcohol. Specific other expertise areas include: bread and bakery, dairy, pre- and probiotics, international nutrition including infant and child nutrition,  life cycle nutrition and immunology related nutrition.

Build up over the years of careers of the individual members, NCC has an extensive science network in EU and worldwide. And considerable experience in multi-stakeholder cross country projects (e.g. EU projects). The working performance of the NCC consultants is characterised by commitment and involvement. All are driven by a passion for nutrition.

Our consultants

Any member of NCC can be approached for potential projects or advice.

Sandra Einerhand
Sandra EinerhandConnecting innovator
Specialist in turning science into healthy, innovative products with a compelling nutritional story.More about Sandra >
Marieke Lugt
Marieke LugtRegulatory Affairs Specialist
Expert in Dutch and European food law providing clear and quick replies and partner to discuss complicated food law issues.More about Marieke >
Hans Verhagen
Hans VerhagenFood Safety & Nutrition expert
I am passionate about food, its effects on human health and science. I am a genuine regulatory scientist and I envisage to provide high quality scientific support to industry and authorities in the areas of my expertise.More about Hans >
Henk Hendriks
Henk HendriksHuman intervention nutritionist
Expert in nutrition and health research projects on claim substantiation and safety evaluation with specific expertise in clinical trial design.More about Henk >
Loek Pijls
Loek PijlsRegulatory affairs in nutrition
Advance & apply nutrition science; through research, regulatory understanding & proper communication.More about Loek >
Jan de Vries
Jan de VriesNutrition Physiologist
Improve understanding of physiology of nutrition by assessing scientific literature with the use of specially designed relational database.More about Jan >
Toine Hulshof
Toine HulshofNutrition and health innovation strategist
I have a strong interest in nutrition and health from a holistic perspective. Enthusiastic to support companies with strategic discussions / processes for future food development, taking current business needs into account. Next to this I am strong in translating nutrition (science) topics into understandable communication towards dedicated target groups. More about Toine >
Thomas Plakké
Thomas PlakkéRetail and Food Service professional
Supports in the food innovation, its marketing in aligned packaging concepts in food manufacturing, retail, contract and inflight catering and wholesale.More about Thomas >
Hans Zevenbergen
Hans ZevenbergenPragmatic R&D strategist
Develops leading health products by connecting science and business, integrates sustainability for future success.More about Hans >

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