Why Nutrition Consultants Cooperative?

NCC assists authorities, NGO’s and food industry for realising healthy and sustainable foods to better dietary habits, resulting in health gain.

Experience in 8 domains in nutrition

Our team covers 8 main domains of nutrition research and development.

Articles about our expertise

  • An approach to evaluate and improve the combination of nutritional and sustainability qualities of your food portfolio

    The Nutrition Consultants Cooperative and CE Delft want to help food companies to improve both the nutritional as well as the ecological aspects of their food portfolio. Analyzing both aspects together offers clear advantages to

  • Nudges on the unconscious for better nutrition

    Nudging uses the environment to change behavior and works through unconscious decisions of consumers. A recent meta-analysis has compared the effects of different nudges and show promising results.

  • Sports nutrition: individual customization

    Advice on sports nutrition is now firmly anchored in science. General guidelines on sports nutrition improve when the advice considers such things as the athlete's personal characteristics and training schedule, as well as the type of sport.

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